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“I generally stay away from anything too suspenseful – but this blurb had me second guessing my usual and I decided to take a chance. I’m so glad I did, I ended up really enjoying this gripping story of push and pull between Max, Fiona, and Rye. Each one has their own demons to slay and unbeknownst to the them- they all need each other to conquer the beast and save the girl. This story is filled with dark drama, action and suspense, passionate and undeniable chemistry. This is a new author to me and I look forward to reading more of her work.”

Once a carny, always a carny…

When Fiona’s estranged stepbrother calls asking for help, she’s pretty sure the apocalypse has arrived. Because Max walked away from her—and the carnival they called home—years ago, and only silence has filled the decade between them.

But Special Agent Max’s FBI safe house has been exposed, and he’s desperate for a place to stash his young murder witness. Fi is tempted to show him the door, but said witness is just an innocent kid, and no matter the tangled, painful mess between them, Fiona can’t bring herself to abandon a child.

Unlike Fi, retired Army Ranger Rye Wilder has no problem coming to the rescue when his friend and former Ranger Max calls, especially if it means finally laying eyes on the mysterious Fiona, a woman whose image has haunted Rye since he first laid eyes on the worn photo in Max’s wallet. A man with no one to call his own, Rye has never understood Max’s desertion of his sister, and the opportunity to witness the reunion is too tempting to resist.  Because family is precious and rare and a gift to be protected—something Rye is determined to make them both understand.

But first Max has to unmask a mole.  Fiona has to safeguard an innocent girl against the man hunting her.  And Rye…

Rye has to keep everyone alive.

A steamy thriller with characters you won’t forget…romantic suspense at its best.


“Talk about not able to put it down! This book captives you from the start and pulls you in. You’re swept up in the story line and can’t stop turning the pages. The characters are engaging, intriguing and well developed. There’s suspense, drama and of course romance that keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat.”  


“The characters were so believable and wonderful. The story played out like a dance, smooth and building stronger as you went on. Great book and I cannot wait to read more from Hope Anika.”






“Sexy, suspenseful, and surprisingly funny. I couldn’t put it down!”  


“Nobody, but nobody writes a book like Hope Anika!”

When a local bank robbery brings newly elected Sheriff Beau Greystone to Wynn Owens’ front door, she has only two things to give him: the endless bounty of her caustic wit and a one-finger salute.  Wynn has history with the law, none of it good. And the notion that one of her elderly tenants might have something to do with the robbery is just plain crazy.

A former DEA agent, Beau owes his newly minted badge solely to his meddling aunt and his own foolish indifference.  Recovering from the murder of his wife—and the debilitating injury caused by the explosion that killed her—Beau has been happily checked out for some time.  But the people of Blossom Hills are counting on him to do his job, and bringing a bank robber to justice is a fine place to start…until the killer that’s haunted the town for the last decade abruptly returns.  

Wynn has a tenant to exonerate; Beau, a killer to catch. Neither is prepared for the compelling but unwelcome current between them, or the unexpected circumstances that will force them to reassess the rules by which they live.  But the clock is ticking, and they must decide: adapt and evolve, or surrender to the past and the dark malevolence that has risen within it….  

A steamy thriller with characters you won’t forget…romantic suspense at its best.