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Book One of The Guardians Series – 2016 Finalist, Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense


Cheyenne Elias has inherited a child. A boy she doesn’t know and doesn’t particularly want; a boy whose mother was once Cheyenne’s most hated person in the world. There are a million reasons to walk away: her anger, her past, her certainty that there is nothing benevolent in this act by a woman who almost killed her. But abandoning the boy to a system she barely survived is not an option.

Will Blackheart has lost everything. His SEAL team, his country, and—upon occasion—his mind. Worse, he’s lost something that has the capacity to kill thousands. Left for dead in the Afghan desert, Will has risen solely to regain that which was taken…and to punish those who dared take it.

His only lead is the son of a dead woman. Her only goal is to save a child. As they come together in a clash of anger, mistrust, and potent, unwanted desire, Will and Cheyenne must put aside their differences and navigate the endgame of a woman for whom nothing was taboo…


Book Two of The Guardians Series 

When the boy who broke her heart crashes back into Ruby Jones’s life, she’s determined to give him the boot. There are some things a girl simply can’t forgive, and being forgotten is at the top of the list.

The last person CIA Agent Rafferty Blackheart expects to find while retrieving the message left for him by his dead partner is the childhood friend he left behind two decades earlier. But the woman he discovers bears little resemblance to the girl he remembers, and even though the sight of her breathes life into everything he’s spent years fleeing, walking away from her is an impossibility.

Because Rafe is on a mission, one he can’t complete without Ruby. So no matter their dark history, their mutual distrust, or the intense, unwelcome pull between them, they must come together. To avenge the death of an innocent; to save a child. And to stop a madman bent on reshaping the human race.


Book Three of The Guardians Series – 2022 Winnter, Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense  

After Ellie Broussard saves Sean McDougal’s son from drowning, she walks away, unwilling to involve herself with the rakish Irishman and his charming boy. Ellie has suffered a devastating loss, and her world is one of chosen isolation and calculated vengeance. She has only one focus: to find the monster that stole her child and turn his world to ash.

Sean can relate to Ellie’s suffering. Having lost his wife to cancer, his sole focus has become raising his boy, and love…well, love can take a long walk. He’s in Louisiana to locate a cache of stolen art, and even if he’s taken aback—and reluctantly intrigued—by the mysterious and chilly Ellie Broussard, he knows better than to tumble down that rabbit hole.

But when they’re thrown together on assignment to recover the cache, Sean and Ellie have no choice but to put aside their mutual misgivings and work side by side. To share; to trust; to discover they are not as separate as they appear. And as Ellie’s deadly hunt approaches its culmination, they must risk everything they hold dear to stop a murderer who is readying his next strike, and to save an orphaned girl whose only hope lies in their willingness to defy the darkness and step into the light.



Book Four of The Guardians Series 

When the young boy Thea Marlie is mentoring goes missing, she knows there’s only one man for the job: FBI Special Agent Max Prescott. But Thea and Max have history, and asking him for help means confronting the darkest time of her life.

FBI Agent Max Prescott has been waiting years for the only woman he ever loved to need him. He’s ready to face the past and accept its consequences, to do whatever it takes to win Thea back…even if he fears some things are too terrible to forgive. 

Thea wants only to move forward, while Max is determined to look back. But when they learn the boy has been taken by people hunting the lost treasure el Tesoro del Corazon, they will have to get beyond their stalemate. Because the race to unearth the hidden chest of cursed Spanish silver is on, and to save him they will have to work together to find it…before the curse of el Tesoro finds them.


A Novella: Book Fiveof The Guardians Series  

Kamina Kim is at the newly built Silverhawk Tower in search of a dream. The busy paramedic has set aside her duties to attend a writer’s symposium in the building’s lavish Half Moon Conference Center. Haunted by a boy she couldn’t save, Mina has begun to question everything in her life: her path, her purpose, and most especially, her role as an emergency responder.

Tormented by his own inconsolable loss, ex-Army Ranger Grey Dar has reentered the world from chosen isolation and arrived at the Tower for only one purpose: to watch his brother’s back. As one of the world’s wealthiest men, his twin has become the target of an unknown enemy, one Grey is determined to hunt down. 

When Silverhawk is attacked, Mina and Grey find themselves thrown together in the aftermath, tasked with saving a young girl living deep within the Tower’s inner sanctum. To survive, Mina will have to utilize every skill and embrace her calling as a healer, while Grey will have to break the self-imposed chains of penance that bind him. Because if they want to make it out alive, they will have to work together to outwit a faceless enemy for whom an act of terrorism is merely the opening salvo…

THE GUARDIANS SERIES                                                 


The Bequest, Blindsided & Hallowed Ground: a three book set.

Get lost in this collection of award winning, compelling romantic thrillers. The Guardians Series...where love is just the beginning, and life’s greatest gifts come in small packages.



Book One of the Getaway Collection

Lucia Sanchez has stolen two children. Two children who don’t belong to her; two children she will do anything to save. Driven by the dark, inescapable shadow of her past, Lucia will make any sacrifice necessary to be certain history doesn’t repeat itself. She has given up everything, and nothing will stop her from completing her mission.

U.S. Deputy Marshal Sam Steele is tired. Tired of chasing fugitives; tired of breathing. When he’s drawn into the kidnapping plot of a woman he has no desire to help, it’s just one more nail in his coffin. But duty calls, and Sam knows his duty. When the plea of a close friend makes it impossible to walk away, Sam must make a choice—follow the rules and play it safe, or follow his heart and risk it all.

She is willing to die for her cause; he is trying desperately to keep them alive. Thrust together in a deadly game of cat and mouse, Sam and Lucia must work together if they want to free two children from a sickening legacy and out-maneuver a man who will hunt them to the ends of the earth…


Book Two  of the Getaway Collection


Honor Genovese, AKA Aequitas, is number eight on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. A hacker extraordinaire, Honor lives to destroy those who destroy others. Ever since the murder of her family and the kidnapping of her sister Hannah, Honor has worked tirelessly to unmask and obliterate the predators of the world, and to find the sister stolen from her. But when she suddenly discovers Hannah on the other side of the world, Honor must leave the safe, insulated realm she has built and dare to reach out to the man who hunts her.

Cian Lazarus, former merc and renowned security specialist, has spent years tracking and tracing the identity of the elusive hacker Aequitas, but the woman he’s discovered is far more than he ever expected. Now he spends his days challenging her, enticing her, daring her to respond to the alluring pull and the inexorable history between them. When Aequitas finally—reluctantly—reaches out to him for help, it is everything Cian has been waiting for.

Honor wants only to save her sister. But Cian is determined to unmask and claim the woman he’s spent years chasing. And neither is prepared for the reality which awaits them, or the consequences of the truth that will ultimately define them…





Once a carny, always a carny…

When Fiona’s estranged stepbrother calls asking for help, she’s pretty sure the apocalypse has arrived. Because Max walked away from her—and the carnival they called home—years ago, and only silence has filled the decade between them.

But Special Agent Max’s FBI safe house has been exposed, and he’s desperate for a place to stash his young murder witness. Fi is tempted to show him the door, but said witness is just an innocent kid, and no matter the tangled, painful mess between them, Fiona can’t bring herself to abandon a child.

Unlike Fi, retired Army Ranger Rye Wilder has no problem coming to the rescue when his friend and former Ranger Max calls, especially if it means finally laying eyes on the mysterious Fiona, a woman whose image has haunted Rye since he first laid eyes on the worn photo in Max’s wallet. A man with no one to call his own, Rye has never understood Max’s desertion of his sister, and the opportunity to witness the reunion is too tempting to resist. Because family is precious and rare and a gift to be protected—something Rye is determined to make them both understand.

But first Max has to unmask a mole. Fiona has to safeguard an innocent girl against the man hunting her. And Rye…

Rye has to keep everyone alive.


2021 Winner, RWA Vivian Award

When a local bank robbery brings newly elected Sheriff Beau Greystone to Wynn Owens’ front door, she has only two things to give him: the endless bounty of her caustic wit and a one-finger salute. Wynn has history with the law, none of it good. And the notion that one of her elderly tenants might have something to do with the robbery is just plain crazy.

A former DEA agent, Beau owes his newly minted badge solely to his meddling aunt and his own foolish indifference. Recovering from the murder of his wife—and the debilitating injury caused by the explosion that killed her—Beau has been happily checked out for some time. But the people of Blossom Hills are counting on him to do his job, and bringing a bank robber to justice is a fine place to start…until the killer that’s haunted the town for the last decade abruptly returns.

Wynn has a tenant to exonerate; Beau, a killer to catch. Neither is prepared for the compelling but unwelcome current between them, or the unexpected circumstances that will force them to reassess the rules by which they live. But the clock is ticking, and they must decide: adapt and evolve, or surrender to the past and the dark malevolence that has risen within it….




Book One of The Evolution Series

When the enigmatic Ruslan lands on her doorstep after the death of her Uncle Charlie, Ash Kyndal wants no part of the mysterious Russian. No part of his inexplicable appearance; no part of his cryptic insistence that Charlie was a man to whom he owed a great debt; and definitely no part of the intense chemistry that seethes between them.

But walking away from the PI business Charlie spent his life building isn’t an option, even if it does come with said annoying Russian. And while Ash doesn’t trust Ruslan, he does seem to have her back, especially after a group of deadly men in black target her. When they uncover an organization bent on altering the genetic blueprint of humanity—and come up against its unleashed experiment—things go from bad to worse.

Because the men in black are determined to annihilate the organization, and the organization is determined to annihilate the world. And if that isn’t enough, Ash has begun to realize Ruslan is far more than he appears, more than the man Charlie once helped, more than the reliable partner he’s become.

He’s part of the experiment itself.

As sides are chosen and the fight for survival becomes personal, Ash must decide how far she’s willing to go for a man she isn’t sure she can trust…